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Now you can create your own deliciousness at home with Jamba appliances. Jamba juice extractors, blenders and juicers are headed to kitchen countertops. Squeeze or blend your own combination of super-fresh ingredients for a glass of wholesome nutrition anytime.

super chute Juice Extractor

Put the power of juice in your home. Get your daily dose of wholesome fruit and vegetable goodness in your own kitchen with the Jamba® Super Chute Juice Extractor.
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manual Juicer

Believe in the power of juice. For almost 25 years Jamba has been juicing for a better tomorrow. You can now revel in fresh citrus at home with the Jamba® Professional Citrus Juicer.

professional Blender

Brighten up your day and Blend in the Good at home. With the Jamba® Professional Blender you can blend fresh whole juices, smoothies, hot soups, sauces and so much more.
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quiet blend Blender

Quiet and powerful blending has arrived. You can now make milkshakes at midnight and smoothies before dawn with the Jamba® Quiet Blend Blender.
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quiet blend Blender with travel cup

Create nutritious smoothies at home or take them to go using the Jamba® Quiet Blend Blender with 20-ounce travel cup.
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Here you'll find recipes to inspire your own creations using Jamba® Appliances. From juices to baked goods, each recipe offers fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and easy steps. Get in and out of the kitchen effortlessly.
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